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Past of Tradition

From the days ascending the sloping hills of the Asti countryside, carrying bushels of grapes for the town’s priests to use for wine during service, to the cool nights in Piedmont, carefully watching his grandfather methodically blend his special recipe for Cabernet Sauvignon, Vito quickly developed a passion for winemaking. Upon arriving in Northeastern Pennsylvania to pursue a dream of opening his own business, Vito longed to bring his memories and experiences of rich, winemaking tradition to his community. Now, with the help of his family, Vito’s Wine Cellar is a reality.

Meet the Vintner

In the port city of Bari, nestled right off the sun-washed shores of the glistening Adriatic Sea in the Puglia region of Italy, winemaking isn’t just a hobby; it’s a way of life, an ancient and delicate craft, rooted in centuries of tradition, culture, and skill. As a young child in the Southern Italian town, Vito’s Wine Cellar owner and master vintner, Vito Natale Balice, grew up intimately acquainted with the winemaking process and would later travel the diverse regions of his country to develop and refine his knowledge of the craft.



Vito's Wine Cellar


Located in the heart of Jenkins Township, near downtown Pittston, Pennsylvania, Vito’s Wine Cellar is the definitive culmination of expertise, craft, and class, that signifies the winemaking experience. As a winery and tasting bar, utilizing only the finest products from Italy, Chile, and California, Vito starts and finishes the entire winemaking process by hand; from bottle to glass, each detail is meticulously cared for, ensuring the highest caliber of quality.

·       A vast selection of over 30 wines, including red, white, fruit, and blends, of which to sample, have a glass, or purchase a bottle

·       Gorgeous environment, complete with grand piano, chandeliers, and old-world, eclectic antiques.

·       Custom tasting bar, created with milled American Cherry wood

·       Delicious and savory, small plates and tastes, prepared daily to complement our wines

·       A warm and friendly atmosphere, as Vito’s Wine Cellar staff is, quite literally, Vito’s family members.


It is our pleasure, from everyone at Vito’s Wine Cellar, to cordially invite you to visit the winery and tasting bar and experience our superb wine, delicious foods, and enchanting atmosphere. Vito has dedicated years of hard work to create something that could accurately embody the fond memories of expert winemaking and Italian tradition. Now, it’s time to share those memories with you!